by Crystal Fedele, AP, DOM

Today was the first day I ventured out of the office and I am soooo glad I remembered packing walnuts and pecans in my purse. I had to drive an hour away and the car rides are definitely trigger moments. Between the boredom and the passing hundreds of restaurants, this can be a real diet challenge. I remember this from the last food challenge I did, so was thankfully pleasantly satisfied with the crunchy bits of heaven.

I got home this evening to this wonderful masterpiece…..

It is a bacon-wrapped chili-chicken roll. It is amazing… and gone. My husband put fresh spicy red chilies that a friend gave me from her garden inside a chicken breast and baked it wrapped in bacon, He did this before with asparagus and this is even better because it made the whole chicken breast spicy. Note: Don’t eat the hot peppers. They hurt.

As for the rest of the day….
Breakfast: Leftover pumpkin pancakes with almond butter
Lunch: Paleo meatballs with dijon mustard (left for me in the fridge yesterday evening)
Snacks: Nuts, Nuts, Nuts

I realize today I didn’t eat enough vegetables. We will have to kick the nutrients up tomorrow!

Also, my copy of the 21DSD Cookbook arrived and I am so excited. I see some garlic shrimp

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