by Crystal Fedele

I have to hand it to my husband. This is a ton easier on me because of him. You will see many of my posts involving creative recipes that he has modified to be 21DSD friendly. Not only did make a completely sugar free “barbeque” pork, he brought it to me at work.

I can’t help but emphasize here how much having the people around you supporting you is, especially when making lifestyle changes that you want to be long term. My whole office is extremely supportive and even my mom is doing this with me. If this is something you are thinking of doing, I seriously suggest a “detox buddy” and at the very least, let everyone know not to shove junk food in your face.

I will be posting the pork recipe in a future blog, but for the mean time I will just share the secret…
Granny Smith Apples and Cinnamon!!! Who knew?!

On day 4 I also discovered that I am already decreasing body fat and reducing my coffee intake. Both of these are positives I didn’t expect so soon, so they are nice suprises. I also successfully denied the offerings of wine and ice cream, which may have previously been a big problem.

I’m looking FORWARD to day 5!!!!

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