At Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center, their mission is to provide a place where women and their families can receive a full holistic approach to healthcare by qualified physicians. They believe that there is always a less invasive option to every health concern and especially when trying to achieve hormonal regulation or conceive a child.

Dawn Share & Crystal Fedele our women and family wellness physicians

Dawn Share & Crystal Fedele -the leading Women and Family Wellness physicians.



Dawn Share and Crystal Fedele are the leading physicians at Holistic Women & Families.  They provide world class holistic care to Volusia County and the surrounding areas.

Their passion and love for vibrant and healthy living can help you regain your most glowing self with a comprehensive review of your health status and an integrative approach to your treatment that includes all the knowledge that you need to take control over your health and life.

Their Practice includes:

  • Licensed Acupuncture Physicians
  • Chinese Herbalists
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners
  • Certified Birth Doulas
  • Henna Artists

They specialize in Women’s health and focus on:



     Crystal C. Fedele,

         AP, DOM, CHT, FABORM

           Acupuncture Physician/Chinese Herbalist

           Certified Hypnotherapist

           Certified Hypnobirthing® Practitioner

           Certified Birth Doula (CBI)

           Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine


Crystal Fedele  has been practicing Natural Medicine for 14 years in the Daytona Beach area. She is one of only a few Chinese Medical practitioners in Florida that specializes in Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Labor. Crystal is also very well known for her success with fertility and gynecology.  She assists midwives and other birth professionals all over Florida with natural pregnancy and childbirth alternatives.

She has dedicated her professional life to learning about holistic and natural health practices. Crystal graduated Suma Kum Laude from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Studies. She is also and adjunct professor at Daytona State College in the Massage Therapy Department,  a Certified Hypno-therapist.  Certified Birth Doula, and Certified Hypnobirthing® Practitioner.

Crystal’s natural practice uses her vast knowledge in Integrative Medicine to preserve the balance and health of women through natural, non-invasive techniques. She focuses on helping to create pleasant cycles, healthy babies, peaceful births, and easy hormonal transitions through ancient medicine and empowerment through education.

While Crystal has dedicated her professional life to holistic and natural health practices, she makes sure to keep a well-balanced life with her very supportive husband -who is a registered nurse. Together they raise their three children in Port Orange, FL.  She is a Zumba® fitness instructor,  lead singer of a local band and does henna art and belly casting in her “spare” time. She lives in Port Orange with her husband and 3 boys.



      Dawn Share,

          AP, DOM

           Acupuncture Physician/Chinese Herbalist


Dawn Share has been practicing in the Daytona Beach area for over 9 years.  Continuing education is a passion of hers as evident in her advanced training in  various areas of integrative  medicine including:  thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune diseases,  gluten and leaky gut,  menopause,  menstrual disorders,  addiction, adrenal and blood sugar dysregulation, neurotransmitters and the brain,  hormone imbalances, and nutrition for healing.  Dawn has  trained under some of the country’s best physicians in functional and Chinese medicine with Apex Energetics, Biotics,  Institute for Brain Potential, DiagnosTechs,  Center for Mind Body Medicine, Richard Tan, Giovanni Maciocia, and National Acupuncture Detox Association and HypnoBirthing®.

Dawn believes  that  sharing  her  knowledge with others  will empower them to live healthier, happier, more balanced lives–both emotionally and physically.    By identifying root causes of diseases and health issues rather than merely treating symptoms, she is  able to  help her patients and guide them to achieve optimum health and wellness using an integrative model.  She uses a patient-centered approach, spending time with her patients and working together through education and goal setting.

Dawn strives to keep a balanced life,  spending time with her husband  and  five children and enjoying some of her favorite things in life: anything active in the great outdoors, reading and researching, cooking healthy meals and attending seminars.



Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center

AP Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Childbirth Education


Dawn Share / Crystal Fedele Acupuncture Physicians in Port Orange FLOur physicians practice  Traditional Chinese Medicine focusing on correcting the imbalances in the body thereby allowing the body to heal.

Our practice includes:  Acupuncture, Chinese and western herbal medicine,  Acupuncture Injection, Nutritional and Food Therapy, tuina massage, cupping, and  and homeopathic medicine.

Our passion for the importance of preventive medicine and underlying causes of disease has driven our advanced training in functional medicine. We provide the following services: urinalysis, lab blood work, saliva hormone testing, gastrointestinal tract testing, vitamin D testing, adrenal stress and blood sugar imbalance testing.

Please call us to schedule your health consultation at (386) 872-5757

you can email us with general inquires 

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