I have a confession to make. I am a fat girl … or “ delicious ” as I like to refer to myself. I don’t
use this term as some kind of self-deprecating attempt. I’m simply stating a fact: I am tall with
broad shoulders, big feet, and bigger hips. I live every day in a big body and love every
squishy, dimply, wobbly inch of it. I could talk about how long it has taken to get to the “love”
part, but we’ll save that for another time.

As a “delicious” woman in my mid-30s, exercising has become somewhat of a comical
venture. As a teen I was coordinated enough to be involved in numerous sports and enjoyed
physical activity. However, I’ve noticed lately that as I get to know and understand my body, I
sometimes feel shyness (dare I say, shame?) creeping in when I feel like people are watching
me move around in all of my awkward glory. You know the feeling: when you hear a song that
excites you to the core and your body starts doing this weird head-jerking, finger-snapping,
duck-lipped chicken walk thing. You instantly remember that people can see you so you
cough, fix your hair, and act as if you simply tripped over an invisible stick on the ground.

That moment right there… is a missed opportunity for magic.

So what if someone sees you!? What’s the worst that can happen?
…people catch you enjoying yourself?
…someone might think that you’re different from the others walking silently, staring
at their cell phone?
…you might appear childlike or silly?

I have news for you: at a time when there is an abundance of negativity floating around, a little
silliness is absolutely necessary!

Movement is how our bodies navigate emotions… the happy AND not-so-happy feelings.
Denying yourself that opportunity means that the energy build-up from our experiences gets
blocked and stored in our bodies, making it difficult to be open and receptive to new and
amazing things that are waiting to fill our lives with deep joy. The vulnerability that you feel
when you aren’t trying to hide yourself is where your true power exists! We grow up with the
misconception that being vulnerable gives power to others and their opinions, but this simply
isn’t true. When we allow people to observe as we celebrate and enjoy ourselves, we
claim our own awesomeness and create the space for others to follow our lead!

Simply put, when you move that booty, your heart opens and this world is desperate for
free-flowing love and compassion.

So, the next time you’re in the grocery store and you feel that song igniting something in your
body, don’t hide yourself away. Even if it’s just for a moment, allow the magic to move
through you and enjoy the thrill of knowing that someone is witnessing your joy. You won’t be
alone. I’ll be jiggling my “delicious” body unabashedly in the next aisle… I’ll send you an air

Meet the Author:
Jamie Howard, M.Ed., CLC
Jamie Howard, is a Certified Life Coach and Holistic Counselor. For 13 years, she worked with
children and teens, focusing on the development of social & emotional coping skills, goal
setting, and career planning. In 2016, Jamie opened her services to include adults of all ages
and began working with clients at Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center as their
“Happiness Coach”. She provides individual counseling as well as group workshops and group
meditation. Jamie uses a variety of tools including sound healing, talk therapy, meditation,
journaling, guided visualization, and aromatherapy. She is devoted to reawakening confidence
and true joy in her clients while guiding them back to their own innate wisdom and power. To
schedule a FREE consultation with Jamie, call the Holistic Women and Families office to get
yourself on the calendar!
Jamie lives on the serene St. Johns River with her husband and gentle giant canine, Dexter.
She spends her free time connecting with nature and studying the ancient wisdom of indigenous
cultures. Follow Jamie’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram @Wild Souls Coaching.