Acupuncture can provide immediate relief  for chronic and acute pain.  Depending on the condition, acupuncture is often used in conjunction with cupping, homeopathic injections, herbal medicine, topical medicinal oils and moxibustion. These modalities not only reduce pain and inflammation but facilitate the healing process and repair the damaged tissue. We are also trained in a particular type of acupuncture called Battlefield Acupuncture that has been developed and used successfully in the military for chronic pain.

Homeopathic Injections  We use FDA approved  homeopathic injection safe remedies for pain.  The products are a sophisticated blend of vitamins, minerals and biochemicals that provide a safe alternative to anti-inflammatory steroids.  Clinically we have found excellent results with homeopathic injections of  Heel Traumeel and Heel Zeel for joint, neck, and back pain, arthritis and sports injuries.  Research indicates that Traumeel injections are as effective for pain as conventional treatments including narcotic painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort to facilitate healing. Moxibustion has been used throughout Asia for thousands of years.  A practitioner lights one end of a moxa stick, similar in shape and size of a cigar, and holds it close to the area being treated for several minutes until the area is warm.

Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center

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Dawn Share / Crystal Fedele Acupuncture Physicians in Port Orange FLOur physicians practice Traditional Chinese Medicine focusing on correcting the imbalances in the body thereby allowing the body to heal.

Our practice includes: Acupuncture, Chinese and western herbal medicine, Acupuncture Injection Therapy, Nutritional and Food Therapy, tuina massage, cupping, and and homeopathic medicine.

Our passion for the importance of preventive medicine and underlying causes of disease has driven our advanced training in functional medicine. We provide the following services: urinalysis, lab blood work, saliva hormone testing, Gastrointestinal tract testing, vitamin D testing, adrenal stress and blood sugar imbalance testing.

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