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The cold weather is here… Time for some HOT CHOCOLATE! YUMMMMM!

Here’s a warming recipe that can be whipped in just a couple minutes 🙂



by Carla Martins


2 cups almond/coconut milk

2T raw cacao powder

1/2 t cinnamon

1/2t vanilla extract (We love this brand. And it’s local!!!)

*A few drops of stevia (or sweetener of choice – honey/xylitol/dates)

Pinch of salt

OPTIONAL: pinch of cayenne pepper (for that extra kick 😉

1/4t maca powder


Blend all the ingredients until smooth and heat gently on a pan.

NOTE: If you would like a thicker hot chocolate, you can blend in 1/2-1t of chia seeds and make this treat even more nutritious!


*Did you know that if you use stevia with a pinch of salt you can get rid of that aftertaste many people dislike? 😉

Hot chocolate with  marshmallows and cinnamon stick

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