At least once a day, I have a patient in the office asking me about detox, especially geared toward weight loss. Throughout the years, the media as given the indication that Detoxification is a quick way to lose weight, but most people who try these methods end up frustrated with the cost, the lack of success and sometimes are even experiencing negative side effects. Here’s the reality…

Detoxification (when done properly) CAN lead to weight loss, but is in no way a quick process. When the whole body’s organ system is functioning properly, the metabolic organs and hormones within the body can learn how to work- eliminating fat a higher rate and retaining less toxins and fluid build up. This MUST be done over time. (60 days)

The reason detoxification programs don’t usually work is because they are too Organ Specific (Liver, Colon). All this does is release the toxins in to the blood too quickly and can cause blockage in the drainage systems, leading to unpleasant reactions. In order to successfully detoxify, the program must remove toxins from The Brain and Nervous system, the extracellular matrix (The area between the cells), the liver, the digestive system, the kidney and bladder, and the immune and lymphatic system. During this process, the body systems must be supported with the proper Antioxidants, Phyto-nutrients, Core Nutrients, etc.

So the reality is embarking on a detoxification process that ACTUALLY works requires a little bit of guidance. There are many programs that involve specific homeopathics, nutritional plans and nutritional supplements and all can be properly chosen with the knowledge of your natural physician. You save yourself the frustration and it is more cost effective too if you do it right the first time!


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